PKU-UCLA JRI Mini-Symposium: Clean Air Policy

Thursday, May 15, 2014
1:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Shannon Room
54-134 Engineering IV Building

Workshop on Clean Air and Policy between China and California

The recently published Global Burden of Disease 2010 project found the ambient PM2.5 was among the leading risks for mortality and lost years of healthy life in China, contributing to 1.7 million premature deaths in 2010. The recent record level of air pollution in China is likely due to its fast economic development and lack of appropriate regulations.  In contrast, in California, as a result of unprecedented and aggressive long-term air pollution control programs for both mobile and stationary sources, we can look back on forty years of dramatically improved air quality and claim for itself one of the most remarkable environmental success stories anywhere in the world.  Despite enormous growth—a near tripling in population and more than a tripling in vehicle miles traveled—the Southern California region now meets the federal air quality standards for four of the six criteria pollutants regulated under the original Clean Air Act and reduced peak ozone levels by more than two-thirds.  There are many lessons learned in California that worth sharing with China. This workshop will focus on how good science can be used to inform policy to produce sustainable solutions for air pollution at the local, state, regional, and global level.


Clean Air Policy

  Yifang Zhu, organizer
"Impacts of Complete Street Retrofit on Street User’s Exposure to Air Pollution: An Exploratory Case Study in Santa Monica, California," Yifang Zhu (associate professor, Environmental Health Sciences) UCLA
 1:20 "Properties and Sources of Fine Particulate Matter and Health Impacts in China," Mei Zheng (professor, College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering) PKU
 1:40 "Freeway Plume Dispersion in the Early Morning," Suzanne Paulson (professor, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences) UCLA
 2:00 "Atmospheric Vertical Observations using the Tethered Balloon on Vehicle over Shanghai," Yusen Duan, PKU, and Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center
 2:20 "California’s mobile source PM emission control program," Tao Huai, Air Resources Board, Los Angeles
 2:40 Coffee Break
 3:00 "In the Quest for Novel Circulating Biomarkers of Air Pollution-Induced Cardiovascular Effects," Jesus Araujo (associate professor, Department of Cardiology) UCLA
 3:20 "A Biomarker Based Pilot Study on PAHs Exposure and Oxidative Damage between LA and Beijing," Tong Zhu (dean, College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering) PKU
 3:40 "Air Pollution, Adverse Birth Outcomes, Childhood Cancer, and Autism in CA," Beate Ritz (professor, Department of Epidemiology) UCLA
 4:00 "Genetic and Environmental Interaction of Embryo Development in China," Xiaoying Zheng (professor, Institute of Population Research) PKU
 4:20 "Impact of Emission Reduction Plan for Ports and Goods Movement on Air Quality in California," Ying-Ying Meng (senior research scientist, School of Public Health) UCLA
 4:40  "Regulating Domestic Carbon Outsourcing: The Case of China and Climate Change," Alex Wang (assistant professor, School of Law) UCLA
 5:00  Open Discussion


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