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Photo for Feedback, 2015 JRI Summer Research...

Runyang “Nic” Lou conducting field research at Liuyin Park in Beijing, China

Feedback, 2015 JRI Summer Research Program at PKU

Twelve UCLA undergraduate and graduate students from across the sciences researched at Peking University (PKU) in Beijing, China this summer. Learn about their experiences here.

Aquaporins Expression in Different Injury Models  

 For a summer, I can call myself a Beijinger. I was more than a traveler. I was able to tread through the world of science and Chinese culture, but Beijing also became like another home, where I learned from excellent mentors and enjoyed many meals with friends.

- Diane Villaroman, ‘16


 Aquaporins Expression in Different Injury Models 

During these ten weeks, there were a lot of exciting times and there were many tough times. One constant throughout these months was a group of good people who helped me through it all. My mentors at lab and the other participants of JRI who became dear, dear friends of mine made the JRI program like no other.

- Lillian Lai, ‘15

A Lost Child in a Shopping Center and Particles on a Finite Graph

This program is amazing. I learned many new and useful skills when conducting the project and collaborating with professors in China. Also, this program gave me chances to visit many places of interest in China.

-Ziyi Zhuang, ‘15



 The Role of Parks in the Preservation of Amphibian and Reptile Populations in an Urban Landscape

I learned a lot about the biodiversity in urban Beijing. It was very inspiring to witness the ability of some species to survive in very unfavorable conditions. And I was also inspired by the effort made by Chinese conservationists, who fought relentlessly to defend the last pristine areas in China.
- Runyang “Nic” Lou, ‘16


Determining the function of the XRCC4 gene in human umbilical vein endothelial cell senescence

The UCLA-PKU Joint Research Program is definitely my most memorable college experience. It allowed me to grow in different aspects. In terms of research I was forced to be more independent and it gave me a more clear feeling of what graduate school would be like. Working with the local Chinese students I was taught that cooperation and one’s willingness to move out of their comfort zone is key to a successful collaboration.
- Brandon Liauw, ’15 


Dynamics, Simulation & Removal of Fine Particles in Aerosol

While I learned significant amount regarding genetics and molecular biology as well as advanced research techniques at PKU, I also gained a global perspective that is invaluable in everyday life. The world is interconnected and to apply that mindset to one’s life is an enlightening experience.

-Tianqin Cai, MS candidate

Interaction between second hand smoke (SHS), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons exposure (PAHs) exposure and oxidative damage: a biomarker-based trial between Los Angeles and Beijing

I am very grateful to the JRI program because it provided a valuable opportunity to compare the air pollution between Los Angeles and Beijing because today's Beijing is very similar to the Los Angeles of the past. I have deepened my recognition of pollution and have my doctoral thesis is enriched. The JRI program experience will definitely be a treasure in my life.
-Yan Lin, PhD candidate

Topological representation of big data

While at PKU I could find guidance on any research interest I had. In this program I learned how to deal with various situations like finding research interests, communicating with mentors, and dealing with highs and lows. I am grateful to have a supporting group of fellow friends, kind mentors, and helpful counsellors, who made this program one of my best experiences in UCLA.
- Xu “Jessica” Zhang, ‘15

Production of Reactive Oxygen Species by Fine Particles: Identification of redox active components and major sources responsible for ROS formation

The experience I gained over the past summer in Beijing was very memorable and meaningful, both academically and socially. I have worked with great people at PKU, and this experience encourages active learning and future collaboration. I am also very grateful to meet a group of smart and passionate people. Wonderful summer overall!
- Xiaobi “Michelle” Kuang, PhD Candidate


 Assessing if HIP-55 can Inhibit AngII-Induced Apoptosis in H9C2 Cells

I never expected that I would have been able to research at Peking University, one of the most renowned universities in Asia. In addition, it was one of those rare chances for a STEM major like myself to not only gain meaningful research experience but also visit major historical sites like the Great Wall of China and the Terra Cotta Warriors. More importantly though, I developed fantastic friendships with my fellow UCLA participants as well as with my collaborators at Peking University, all of whom I hope to keep in touch with. I encourage anyone who wants an immersive research experience to embrace JRI and go on a college adventure – you are sure to enjoy!
- Brian Khoa Nguyen, ‘15

The Application of BFGS-Quasi-Newton Method in Hydrocarbon Phase Stability Testing

Studying abroad was one of my lifelong goals, and traveling to China was also one of my goals; so when I heard about this program I was beyond excited. The JRI program definitely surpassed my expectations; I not only had the opportunity to gain valuable professional skills but I also was able to learn more about Chinese culture.

- Maria Perez, ‘17

Developing a Novel Quantification Method for Low-Abundance Polyphosphoinositide Species in Cultured Cells

- Amy Yu, ‘16




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