Feedback, 2013 JRI Summer Research Program at PKU

Twelve intrepid UCLA students X 10 weeks of research at Peking University

LAPD (Luciferase Assisted Proteome Detection) Platform for Plant Systems Biology

Beyond the research, I learned so much about the world and myself through the program. I'd like to thank everyone who made China a place that I'll miss for many years to come. Hopefully not too many...

-Benjamin Lee, '14



Growth and Development in Children with Picky Eating Behavior: a cross-sectional study

It helped me develop research skills and see from a global perspective. It gave me the opportunity to travel abroad for the first time and meet and work with so many great people.

-Eva Lee, '13



Characterization of Alpha Ganglion Cell Distribution in the Cat Retina using RNA-Binding Protein with Multiple Splicing Antibody

Everything was great!  I loved my lab… Overall I learned so much about Chinese history and culture that I couldn't have learned by watching TV or reading a book.

-Jessica Liu, '14



HUA ENHANCER2 is Important for the Growth and Development of Arabidopsis Independent of Post-transcriptional Gene Silencing

I made Chinese friends, met great mentor, traveled to amazing historical sites, and learned about Chinese culture. 

-Joonhee Kim, '14



The Prevalence and Risk Factors of Depression among the Elderly in Beijing - Based on a 2010 Survey

I gained a whole new perspective of Computer Science, and learned a lot about my topic. It was also a very interesting experience working in a Chinese lab. Not only have I made amazing friends, I also met future collaborators.

-Karen Chaw, '14



How can Representation Learning Deal with the Problem of Nuisance Variability in Computer Vision?

I'm happy for my choice to work here this summer. I improved the results of my UCLA PhD project and worked in 2 new projects as well. It seems my research in PKU will lead to at least one publication.

-Nikolaos Karianakis, PhD candidate



Potential Role of MG53 in Aging

One of the most important themes I discovered was the value of collaborating, especially with people from different backgrounds.

-Scarlett Chen, '15



Effects of Glutamate and Substance P on DREAM and Prodynorphin Expression Levels in Astrocytes and Neurons

-Taryn McLaughlin, '13



The Oxidative Stress Biomarkers in Normal and TMD Patients

-Vivian Tran, '13



Characterization of DREAM in Astrocytes and Neurons in Response to Pain Modulators, Bradykinin and Glutamate

I love this program! I did a lot that I've never experienced before... I really gained a lot from it --- friendship, cultural experience and academic enrichment.

-Wai Yin Michelle Wong, '14



Accelerating the Reservoir Simulator using Circuit Simulation Techniques

We learn a lot from each other on the way of thinking and dealing with problems.  So I think the most important knowledge I gained is how to collaborate and discover common research interests with people in different research area.

-Wei Wu, PhD candidate



Kinematic and Dynamic Simulation of Interceptive Behaviors

-Xiaolong Jiang, PhD candidate



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Published: Tuesday, October 8, 2013