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Feedback, 2011 JRI Summer Research Program at PKU

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Feedback from UCLA: Summer program offers international experience for science and engineering students

List of Students

14 UCLA undergraduate & postgraduate students participated in the first summer exchange program at PKU in 2010.

Last Name

First Name


PKU Advisor

UCLA Advisor

PKU Research Title

Chang  Tammy Electrical Engineering Anpeng Huang Sudhakar Pamarti Hybrid Scheduling Method for Large VoIP Packet Delivery
Cohen  David Electrical Engineering Hongbin Zha Kung Yao Determining Driver Behavior from Holistic Visual Features
Demehri  Yasaman Physiological Science Rui-ping Xiao Harold Martinson Screening for Novel β2-Adrenergic Receptor Agonists
Guan Sharon Xinning Chemistry and Biochemistry Kai Wu Yang Yang Electrodeposition of Thermoelectric SbxTey Nanowires
Huynh  Hien Electrical Engineering Gang Huang Dennis Briggs Embedding V8 Module in Nginx to Run JavaScript Applications at the Server
Iranmanesh Niloufar Physiological Science Shao-Qing Cai Maria Castro Determination of Eight Compounds of Cinnamon Twig by HPLC
Lanthier Brandon Civil Engineering Don Zhang Eric MV Hoek A Study of TOUGHREACT_V1.21 and Carbon Dioxide Sequestration
McRae  Ian Chemical Engineering Zhen Yang   Synthesis of Micrandilactone A Skeleton
Orouji Arefeh Physiological Science Shao-Qing Cai Asim Dasgupta The effect of Angelica sinensis on the blood of rats
Tran Jamie Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology Gui-Qiang (John) Wang Guoping Fan Overexpression of miR-9 in HepG2 cells results in reduced cell adhesion and increased cell
Tse Vincent Integrative Biology and Physiology Gui-Qiang (John) Wang Catherine Clark Overexpression of miR-9 in HepG2 cells results in reduced cell adhesion and increased cell
Wen Daniel Haodan Electrical Engineering Qi-Huang Gong John Villasenor Photovoltaic Properties of PBDTC10DBT Polymer Solar Cell
Xu Defeng Computer Science Wei YAN Rajive Bagrodia Opportunistic Check and Forward: Recovery from Black Hole Attacks for Location Based
Xiao Bingjun Electrical Engineering Ru Huang Jason Cong mrFPGA: A Novel FPGA Architecture with Memristor-Based Reconfiguration


Feedback from the Students

Tammy Chang

“The experience I had in Beijing this summer was valuable beyond description.  In my research group, I learned more about the way research is conducted in China, as well as the common manner of interaction between students and professors.  In the lab room where I worked on my own project, I had a taste of what graduate student life is like at Peking University.  Being on the PKU campus each day also allowed me to experience student life by playing basketball and badminton, eating meals in the campus cafeterias, watching Chinese movie screenings on campus, and taking frequent strolls by the lake.  But of all the experiences I had, the most treasured blessing was the opportunity to interact with local students and workers, and form friendships that I hope will continue beyond this trip.  JRI is more than just a summer research program, rather it is an opportunity to experience a completely different lifestyle and begin to understand a country that is abundant in history, culture, and even people.  Surpassing my own expectations, this summer in Beijing deepened my understanding of not only China, but also the United States, allowing me to better comprehend my own background in both cultures. “ 


David Cohen

"I was very fortunate to get the chance to participate in the UCLA-PKU JRI summer program. The students in my lab were very friendly and helpful, and I learned a lot - both in the lab and out. I definitely hope to go back to China whenever I get the chance.“

Yasaman Demehri

"I believe this program is a great opportunity for UCLA students to not only get more involved in research, but also gain many valuable experiences living abroad. I recommend this program to all my friends and students who want to conduct research during summer and gain an amazing experience of living in China. I am very grateful for this amazing opportunity since through this program I got the chance to collaborate with the professors of Peking University and learn many useful lab techniques. I believe exploring a totally new culture along with conducting research related to my field of interest was an incredible experience for me. "

Xinning (Sharon) Guan

"This is an amazing program. In doing research at Professor Kai Wu’s lab, I have gained personal growth in areas such as building networks, meeting brilliant minds, and accumulating social experiences. The interactions I experienced with my faculty and graduate student mentor were invaluable as it enabled me to develop lab techniques that were not available in textbooks. At the same time, it was also a great opportunity to explore a different culture."

Hien Huynh

"This is a great program, especially for those who would like to have a wonderful academic experience while enjoying the summer in a new cultural environment. I had an unforgettable time working in the PKU lab and living in one of the best areas to practice Chinese. The program was like a journey to me. The experience I had was simply amazing."

Niloufar Iranmanesh

"Going to China, as part of JRI Group, was one of the greatest things I have ever done in my life. This once in a lifetime opportunity gave me many precious experiences such as confronting new culture, new people and new life style. JRI not only provides research opportunity for students, but also a chance to explore different things about China and Chinese tradition. I highly recommend this program to everyone to participate in. It was a great adventure, valuable research opportunity, and a precious cultural experience. "

Brandon Lanthier

"My experience this past summer thanks to the Joint Research Institute has been one of the most memorable summers of my life.  Once I found out about the opportunity to apply for this research position, I knew that it was something that I wanted to do.  It was an amazing feeling to be selected for this program.  I was here to learn about China and to perform research.  I performed research in Professor Zhang’s laboratory on carbon sequestration.  The research was very rewarding for me and it allowed me to learn about a subject that I would not learn in an undergraduate class at UCLA.
The people in Beijing are very nice and made my stay at Peking University very enjoyable.  Although my Mandarin never became super fluent, a big smile and some effort is enough to communicate most things in Beijing, so do not feel intimidated by the language barrier.  I made several friends amongst the locals, but my true friends and friendships have been formed with my fellow UCLA students.  Without this program I would have never met those 12 other wonderful people, and for that I am truly grateful and appreciative of this scholarship and research opportunity.
I want to conclude by saying that this has been one of the best summers of my life.  I saw amazing things.  I learned about one of the oldest cultures on this planet.  I met the most amazing friends.  And I gained valuable research knowledge and life skills.  Thank you PKU-UCLA-JRI."

Ian McRae

"This amazing opportunity for scholars of all scientific disciplines cannot be justly described by words. The awesome experiences, incredible learning environments, and lasting friendships I gained are more than I could ever have asked for in one summer. The people I worked with were not only kind, helpful, athletic, engaging, and outgoing, but also extremely intelligent. The research I performed was interesting, rewarding, and will undoubtably advance me in my academic pursuits. The fun times I had were life-changing, maturing, and endless. I am indebted to the Peking University scholars and the Joint Research Institute for giving me these truly unforgettable and fond memories."


Arefeh Orouji

"My amazing experience in Beijing was a great opportunity for me to know more about Chinese culture and work with knowledgeable professors in Pharmaceutical research department. I learned so much and gained many valuable skills. I have become more major and independent since my journey abroad. I tend to look at the world in a more global view instead of just looking at it from the perspective of my life. This rewarding, awesome, and unforgettable journey has made me want to travel all around the world and see different cultures, and I hope everyone can share our experience there. "

Jamie Tran

"This program is extremely rewarding for science majors who want to be able to participate in cutting-edge research while also having the opportunity to live abroad. Everyone in the lab and in the program are extremely friendly and supportive. Everyday was an adventure packed with delicious food and new cultural experiences for everyone in the program. When I look at my college years in hindsight after graduation, I believe that the experiences I had in this program will be one of the most defining and memorable aspect of my college years. "

Vincent Tse

"This was an amazing program. Even though this was only the second year for this program, it exceeded my expectations. The research labs were very helpful and eager to learn from you as much as you want to learn from them. The program also held excellent guided tours every other weekend. We visited famous places like the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and the Bird’s Nest. PKU is such a beautiful campus and during the 10 weeks, you really get a feel for daily life as a Chinese student. I would like to praise both coordinators at UCLA and PKU for organizing this program. The international experience is priceless. "

Daniel Wen

"This summer has been an unforgettable experience. I would really recommend this program to anyone even remotely interested in either conducting research or embracing a totally new culture. I met many wonderful people during these ten weeks in Beijing and felt very privileged to work with the students of one of the finest institutions in China. I am grateful to have had this unique and wonderful opportunity."

Bingjun Xiao

"It is a great exchange program! I appreciate very much such an opportunity to return to PKU to do inter-disciplinary research with joint collaboration of UCLA and PKU professors. This research experience enriches my understanding of the affect of my research topic on other fields. In addition, this program provides lots of convenience for us exchange student to work on campus, including dormitory, meal card and ID card. These issues save us trouble and let us put full effort on research."

Important Dates

  • June 25: Arrival in Beijing
  • June 27: Program begins
  • June 28: Welcome dinner
  • June 29: Chinese Language Class begins
  • July 9: City tour 1
  • July 23: City tour 2
  • August 13: City tour 3
  • September 1: Poster Session
  • September 2: Program ends


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